• Front-end Testing Tools

  • Building an Entreprise-Grade Component Library

    Design Systems serve as a foundation for consistent user interfaces, they help you create experiences that are consistently excellent and on brand. Components within a design system serve as a foundation for the performance of a UI. They should be lightweight, fast, accessible, portable, reliable and documented. In this talk, we present all the technical challenges related to the creation and maintenance of a shareable component library that works for every team.

  • Angular and Core Web Vitals

    Let's optimize an Angular application for better Core Web Vitals

  • Google's Core Web Vitals

  • Build a real-time PWA with Angular and GraphQL

    Build a real-time PWA with Angular and GraphQL

  • Build Production-Quality Angular Applications

    Tips and tricks to build fast and reliable Angular applications

  • ngMorocco-dependency-injection

  • ngMorocco-build-share-lib

  • AngularJS

    Aperçu des slides de formation JavaScript - AngularJS Session de 5 jours.