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    Food and drink to aid a good night's sleep isn't just about staying away from caffeine or rich foods. You can actually eat proactively to get a better night's rest. As we've previously mentioned, turkey meat is rich in tryptophan, which is key for the production of melatonin; the hormone that makes you feel sleepy. It also is instrumental in boosting serotonin, the 'happiness' hormone. If you want to have a less disturbed night in bed, add this simple recipe to your regular menu. Turkey is the default meat that we use when we want to make burgers. We also like to give them a little Southwestern slant with the addition of bell pepper and scallions; and by using Monterey Jack instead of traditional Cheddar. As a great side, prepare some thick-sliced sweet potato fries; perfectly crispy and ready to dip into some creamy chipotle aioli. Read more on our blog: