• Running on Drupal - Brevard College Tesla Demo

    Drupal GovCon 2016 ... The EV Service Equipment is connected to the building automation system. Then, that status and usage information is displayed real-time on the website. This operational proof-of-concept shows Tesla and other EV-related companies what could be accomplished across their charging networks. This is a BACnet integration to Drupal using BACnet web services. Drupal is free open source software. BACnet is a open communication protocol and an international standard.

  • Smart Schools make Kids Smart

    This was a proof-of-concept project involving 5 elementary schools in Greenville, SC. Everybody wanted to claim credit for it after it was done but Ken, Jonathan, and Mathew made it happen. Thanks guys.

  • IoT - Drupal Energy

    Presented at Drupal Camp Asheville 2015 (8/15/15) ... Discussion of value proposition for use of Drupal as an Energy Conservation Measure.