• Dr. Enrique Segura Ense Group Founder And Chairman of ENSE Group

    Dr. Enrique Segura is the founder and Chairman of ENSE Group, a holding company which oversees Alex Stuart International, Kibo Laboratories, Securiport, and Harbass. He sits on the Board of Directors for Catholic Charities of Washington, and he is the Vice Chairman of the Board of Trustees for the Catholic University of America. https://www.pinterest.com/drenriquesegura/

  • Dr. Enrique Segura Ense Group - A Self-Made Entrepreneur

    Dr. Enrique Segura is a collector of Italian cars. A self-made entrepreneur, philanthropist, and successful executive, he received his Ph.D. in economics from Universidad Autonoma de Madrid. He regularly supports organizations such as Catholic Charities, the National Museum of Women in the Arts, the Catholic University of America, and the Smithsonian Institution. Dr. Enrique Segura serves on executive committees for all four companies held under ENSE Group. Visit at - https://www.behance.net/drenriquesegura

  • Dr. Enrique Segura Ense Group - A Founder of Ense Group

    Dr. Enrique Segura is the Chairman of the Board of ENSE Group which is a holding company in Washington, D.C. He holds a Ph.D. in economics as well as his MBA from Autonoma University in Madrid Spain, and he graduated from the Harvard Business School. A current resident of McLean, Virginia, Dr. Segura holds executive positions with all four of the companies held by ENSE Group. He is active on the boards of several charities and gives generously. Visit at : https://vimeo.com/drenriqueseguraensegroup