• Getting the most out of Hacktoberfest

  • From a First-Time-Contributor to making projects for the OSS community

  • CSS in JS - The Future of Component-based Styling?

    You probably already heard the term "CSS-in-JS". Maybe you just ignored it, or you thought "Well, I am perfectly fine with writing regular CSS". Why is it a thing then? Because it solves a lot of problems that you might stumble upon while writing regular CSS. Writing CSS in JavaScript is not a guaranteed productivity-boost, but without knowing the concept and the reasons behind it you might be missing out a whole new perspective on CSS. In this talk, I am going to show what writing CSS through JavaScript means, which problems it solves, and also showcase it in a live demo.

  • Get Into Open Source!

    How to Start or Do more in the OSS Community - TNG Techday 06.07.2018