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  • Geoff Thompson: Synergistic Life Services' Retirement Plans Save You Money

    Geoff Thompson of Synergistic Group is your #1 option for financial consultation & management in the greater Chicago, IL area. Bulletproof your retirement with these tried-and-true, relatively unknown strategies to navigate retirement savings. Learn more:

  • A Charitable Trust Review

    Giving Today to Guarantee Tomorrow, a presentation by Geoff Thompson and Synergistic Life and Estate. Read the latest news, opinions, and strategies on

  • Presentation: A Debt Free Home

    Brought to you by Accelera Innovations and Geoff Thompson, this slideshow is designed to break down the basic ideas of how to come out of homeownership free from debt. Many who own homes for dozens of years go into retirement with debts that could have been prevented and affect their retirement. Here are tips to conquer that debt and feel confident going into retirement. For more high-level presentations, please visit

  • Preparing for Disability (An Income Review)

    Geoffrey and Nancy Thompson: Preparing for Disability - A Disability Income Review. View Advantmeds Solutions, Inc. & Synergistic Life Services information and recent news at

  • Geoffrey J. Thompson: How to Mitigate Taxes

    Thompson elaborates on how to minimize your taxes for maximum retirement income. Watch the full video here: