• Preload Strategies

  • These ARE the Angular tips you are looking for

    Managing your RxJS subscriptions, writing efficient code for state management, and hosting your Angular app in the cloud using the JAMstack

  • Run Your vue and node app anywhere

    You built your Vue app but does it run everywhere? We'll explore how a Vue frontend with a Node.js backend can be structured, how to build them, debug them, and how to set up the app with Docker. We'll debug the app running in Docker, stream the logs, and deploy it to the cloud - ultimately showing how you can run your Vue app anywhere!

  • Choosing Your JavaScript Framework (dotJS 2018)

    Don't blink - a new JavaScript framework just came out. The world of web development is moving fast, and you have to make decisions today on which tools to use. Let’s examine the current state of JavaScript's most popular frameworks: React, Vue and Angular and think about how we make these decisions and what questions we should ask ourselves ... - What features do they each offer? - Which are ideal for building large scale apps? - Which cover everything your business needs for now and the foreseeable future? - And are these even the right questions to ask? Let’s find out together.

  • VS Code Can Do That

    How do you debug so easily in VS Code? How can I debug remotely in the cloud or locally in a docker container? What are those key combinations to edit code so quickly? What extensions are the ones I shouldn't code without? Get ready to hit the ground running in this fast-paced, demo-heavy talk that takes you through some of the best and most effective tips and tricks in VS Code. Learn how to set up your environment and customize it the way you like it. We'll also learn how to use Live Share so we can pair program on the same app! You'll walk out with several tips on how to be more efficient with one of the hottest tools on the Web today!

  • Angular CLI - What's New in v6+

    While you were sleeping, the Angular CLI had a makeover. There are new features and several improvements to the features you already love. We'll walk through a tour of the best new features and changes including updating your angular app to a new version, adding other libraries, and creating Angular libraries. We'll also run through building an app from scratch using the CLI. Whether you are new to the Angular CLI or it's a familiar old friend to you, this session will arm you with the knowledge to take full advantage of the best way to create and maintain Angular apps.

  • VS Code and Azure

  • Readable Code @ng-Conf

    Can you read the code you wrote today, last week, last year? The positive impact authoring readable code can have on your career can be enormous. We spend far more time reading code than writing it. So how can we turn this to our benefit? We’ll explore actionable techniques that will enable you to craft code that lives longer and is easier to maintain. Learn how to make Readable Code by using some of the methods such as separation of concerns, above the fold, the five-second rule, consequential commenting, contextual clarity, and many more that can improve your code right away! Is your code readable?

  • 7 D's of Development

    Are you done delivering that code? What is done? Are you confident it till stay up and running? Are you confident that the bug you fixed didn't break something else? Are you confident someone else could pick up your code and run with it? Writing code is the easy part, everything after it is the hard part. Following the 7 D's of development will help you deliver higher quality product and make you feel more confident about saying "it's done".

  • Intro to Vue.js

    If you feel like modern web development has gotten way too complicated, Vue.js might be the JavaScript framework for you. With over 10K stars on Github, Vue.js has vaulted out of relative obscurity to find companies such as GitLab choosing to use it. In this session, we’ll take a look at why Vue.js is so popular, what makes it different and similar to other frameworks, and how easy it is to stand up and deploy a simple Vue.js application. Vue.js is a brilliant piece of JavaScript engineering, and it just might make you rethink your next app.

  • Deploying Angular and Node to the Cloud!

    Your Angular app is complete! Now it's time to deploy it to the cloud. But how? One key ingredient is determining our goals. Do you want to publish directly from your laptop or through source control and CI/CD? Do you worry that it may work differently on your machine than the cloud? What about locking down versions of node, packages, and OS? Is your head about to explode? We'll explore several good options as we discuss the pros and cons of each including direct deployments, GitHub hooks with CI, and docker. We'll demonstrate how to code, debug, and run docker locally to have confidence that what works locally will work in the cloud. The good news is that tooling has improved to make all of these deployment options within your reach to guide you to successfully deploy your Angular app to the cloud.