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  • Automated Browser Testing in JavaScript

  • Automated UI Testing and You

    How often do you make a change to your site that causes an unexpected issue in some unrelated page? At least once a week, right? But manually testing every page for every change is time consuming and a pain in the butt. This talk will dive deep in to WebdriverIO, an open-source library used for automated testing. We'll cover what it takes to get started writing automated browser tests, so that you can write and release code with confidence.

  • Why Mocha?

  • Take a Drive with WebdriverIO and Mocha

    A simple analogy that will cover the following functional testing terms and how they all work together: Selenium Browsers & Drivers WebdriverIO Mocha Assertions before/beforeEach/afterEach/after Promises

  • A Designer's Guide to AngularJS

  • Visual Regression Testing