• DDD Pitches

  • Chumba Data Staging

    A brief clarification of the work we are doing to stage data for Chumba

  • Payments LnD 2020

    My notes from the Payments LnD week.

  • Every Good Outage Starts with a Queue

    Queues are bad, but software developers love them. The problem with queues is they are binary, either they're full or empty. You'd think they would magically fix any overload or failure problem. But they don't, and bring with them a bunch of their own problems. Hear a war-story about how naive assumptions and over-optimism caused a near week-long ongoing outage. Learn about some of the reasons why queues are not a one-size fits all solution, and how there is no such thing as a good queue, only one that is absolutely necessary. Queues are in more places than you think, and they can bite you in ways that you wont expect. Are you building event sourced systems with process managers and read model populators? Are you working with serverless? This session is for you.

  • Shafted

  • Using OAuth 2.0 for Service-to-service Auth

    A crash course in setting up secure authenticated communication between micro-services using OAuth 2.0

  • The New VBO

    A quick run through of the changes we've made to VBO over the last few weeks