• Pythons and Pandas and Parks, oh my

  • FOSS4G-NA 2019 Redux

  • Using Jupyter to generate a data enrichment workflow in response to Hurricane Florence

  • AGOL, Cityworks & Facility IDs

  • NCAUG 2017

  • A Commonwealth of Openness

  • Toward a More-Than-Esri GIS

    Presentation on using Esri and FOSS4G together in beautiful harmony. Presented by Ryan Cooper on October 18, 2016 at KAMP 2016

  • Lexington Building Import

  • Spreadsheet Sorcery

    maptimeLEX November meetup slides. Demo for how to make a simple web map app using SheetseeJS and data from Google Spreadsheets

  • maptimeLEX, October 2015 meetup

  • Test Presentation