• ITB 2022: Meilisearch - A Search Platform For the Rest of Us

  • Clearing the Fuzzies on Fuzzy Search

    Take a walk through the world of search in this webinar which will show why your database search is not smart enough, explain the basics of how fuzzy search works, and show how to use CBElasticsearch to bring the power of fuzzy searching to your CF application.

  • Lucee – An Open Source CFML Server Platform

  • ITB 2021: Automate All the Things with GitHub Actions

  • ITB2021: Keynote

  • Building API Integrations with Hyper

    Learn how to connect to a public API using Hyper in this webinar by Michael Born, where we'll cover API integrations from storing secrets to writing unitBuilding API Integrations with Hyper tests to publishing the finished, reusable library on ForgeBox.

  • Power Up Your Search with CBElasticSearch

    If you think database full-text search is slow and bare-bones, you're right. ElasticSearch is becoming the de-facto standard for lightning-fast search, and with cbElasticSearch, the Ortus-built ElasticSearch API client, you can easily integrate with ElasticSearch in your ColdBox application to provide your users with fast and powerful search.

  • ITB2020: CBElasticsearch

    An ITB 2020 keynote session outlining history and roadmap for CBElasticsearch

  • OREO: Open Source Release Overlord

    An ITB 2020 keynote session outlining consistent quality in every Ortus release.

  • Getting Started with CBElasticSearch