• deck

  • forEach/filter/map/reduce

    A short overview about the Array Prototype methods forEach(), filter(), map(), reduce()

  • Destructuring

    A short overview about ES6 Object and Array assignment destructuring

  • JavaScript Modules – from the past to now

    This presentation describes module formats used in the JavaScript world.

  • The GitHub Flow

    This presentation gives a short overview about the GitHub flow. Find a detailed writeup in the GitHub Guides article: https://guides.github.com/introduction/flow/

  • How to start contributing to Open Source

    This presentation gives you answers about what you need to know when like to start to contribute to Open Source Software.

  • Frontend build tools

  • Security Scanner für JavaScript

  • Packetmanager fürs Frontend

  • What goes around come around

    Warum die Open Source Welt dich braucht und wie du Open Source Software unterstützen kannst.

  • ES6 / ES2015

    – ECMAScript im Allgemeinen – ES6 Features – Wie kann ich ES6 heute nutzen

  • Data Mocking – Möglichkeiten zum Erstellen eines fake Backends