• JAMstack is the future. I think. Maybe.

    JAMstack is everywhere lately. It’s supposed to be the messiah that saves us from monolithic application architectures that have difficulties with scaling, performance and security. To prepare this talk I spend my evenings building an app to see if JAMstack is indeed the way to go. It’s called “Strava Visualize” and it’s based on JAMstack. I chose to use the fanciest stuff to build it: a PWA with Vue.js, Azure functions, Azure CDN, Gitlab-CI and the Strava API. In this talk I explain JAMstack and the basics of cloud architecture. JAMstack is a great approach to create scalable, fast and secure web applications. It has some drawbacks though. Check this talk out to see if it lives up to the hype.

  • Team First

    A framework to lead a team of developers to success in a high pressure environment

  • Vue.js as scale for L'Oréal

    Talk about the biggest Vue implementation in production globally. The L'Oréal website factory program is a new organization of L’Oréal's digital landscape. Vue is a key component for over 800 L'Oréal websites for global market leaders like Kerastase, Garnier and L'Oréal Paris. In this talk I show how we use Vue at scale and how we can maintain a reusable codebase for all websites.