• Microfrontends: The good, the bad and the ugly

  • Why I decided to speak at Conferences

  • Welcome to Vue.js

  • Adventure Time: Let's build a website in 2019 29/07/2019 @FrankenJS

    How to put something on the web nowadays? There are so many possibilities that one might be overwhelmed by the amount of options. In this talk, @vannsl will talk about her experience as a (Vue.js) developer using Nuxt.js, TailwindCSS, Github, Netlify, Cloudinary, and PurgeCSS.

  • workerconf-nuxt

    Slides for my talk about Nuxt.js @ WorkerConf 2019 in Dornbirn

  • nuxtjs-harry-potter

  • Vue.js - Past, Present, Future

    Slides for "Vue.js: why does it exist? for what projects can it be used, what will the future bring?" Talk at #ejs19 EnterJS Conference in Darmstadt on 26th of June 2019

  • From Legacy to Vue.js

    Vannsl's Slides for #iJS19 From Legacy to Vue.js

  • deck

  • FrontConf: Nuxt.js & TailwindCSS Lightning

    These are the slides for the lightning talk about Nuxt.js and TailwindCSS which I've used for a private project (a website I needed to be setup and implemented in 2,5 days)