• Thinking in components

    "Reusable component" has become a bit of buzzword - it's the philosophy driving popular frameworks like React, Angular 2 and Vue. And they're set to become part of a web devs' bread-and-butter with the imminent arrival of Web Components to HTML5 (ETA 2017). But what are components, and why are they useful? How do we shift our minds to start "thinking in components"? I'll look at these questions in the talk, drawing on my experience moving our large-scale app (peg.co) to a component-based approach.

  • Being mindful of other developers: coding with love

  • Disney's 12 Principles for Animating on the Web

    Web animation was an emerging trend of 2014 and is set to hit the big time in 2015. With CSS3 and improvements in browsers and hardware, we can now create stunning animations in our products. We have the tech, but that's not enough. What can we learn from the old masters of animation? In this talk we'll look at some of Disney's 12 Principles of Animation to see how they can be applied today, and how can we make something that doesn't just look good, but feels good.