• Zombie Hunt: Find and Safely Remove Undead Code

    Over time, and without careful maintenance, software projects tend to accumulate code and dependencies that just don’t belong in the code base anymore. Dead, rotting, and outdated code is a stumbling block to upgrading, refactoring, and maintaining legacy code, and at worse could become a security vulnerability. We’ll cover how to identify zombie code and dependencies, including using some newer tools built into PhpStorm and GitHub. We’ll also talk about different types of code tombstones and how to use them. Finally, we’ll discuss how to avoid having zombies in your code in the first place!

  • Enums: The Missing Data Type

    PHP may not have a native data type for an enumerated type (“enum”), like other programming languages, but there are userland solutions we can leverage to get access to this powerful data type. We’ll see how representing things like statuses with enums provides immutability, improved readability, and type safety — preventing the kind of errors that happen with “magic strings” and class constants. In this session, we’ll be making our own immutable enums from scratch in order to explore the concept, but we’ll also introduce two libraries for use in your production code. We’ll also demystify the imposing-sounding “finite state machine” by using using immutable enum objects to regulate the transitions between statuses. Resources: https://github.com/andysnell/enums-phps-missing-data-type