• ExtendedCS

    How we got bored of boilerplate and added new features to C# to save time.

  • U4. Pure functions

  • U2. Learning from others in front-end development

    Exploring what other camps of front-end development have been up to and what options does that give to us.

  • U3. What are our goals?

  • U1. Current Landscape of Unity Engineering

    We talk about the default way of writing things with Unity, and why they are lacking.

  • Type systems for safer, clearer code and less tests

  • Cryptocurrency primer

  • C#, FP & Unity3D

  • Imperative to FP to Scalaz - transitioning the mindset

    We'll be looking at several simple programs and their implementations in imperative, purely functional and purely functional done with scalaz mindsets.

  • Quest for composable immutable objects (in Scala)

  • Concurrency & Parallelism