• Featherweight Multi-tenancy (July 2023)

  • Making a better Siri (June 2023)

  • PCG in Godot (April 2023)

  • 3 Sneaky Ways To Get Into Coding

  • Inventing Async + Await (September 2021)

  • Building Electron React apps (August 2021)

  • Making A Game In 3 Engines (Feb 2021)

  • How to support and grow your dev team (October 2020)

  • React Context + Hooks (September 2020)

  • Modern Monoliths (Livewire only)

  • Modern Monoliths

  • NLL December 2019

  • Maintaining Open Source (July 2019)

    Maintaining open source is a bit like being a monk. You give up your time and effort for "the greater good", and often have to deal with rudeness and entitlement along the way. It doesn't have to be like that. I want to talk to you about the how and why of creating open source code. Together, we'll look at what a good open source library looks like, and how it can pay for itself.

  • Laravel: Idea to Product (Laracon EU 2018)

  • Making Robots with PHP (NomadPHP 2018)

  • Making Games with React (July 2018)

  • Robots with PHP

  • Making Games with React

  • Async PHP Applications

    You've probably been to a couple talks, about how to do "asynchronous things" with PHP. What the experts don't tell you is that the hard part starts when you need to build an application. Sure, there are tools for starting an HTTP server or connecting to a web socket. But what about when you need to write to a database or send an email. You go searching for good tutorials, and all you get is API documentation; about how to use each component in isolation. Say goodbye to that frustration. In this workshop, I'm going to show you how to build an entirely asynchronous, high-concurrency PHP application. We'll bring those isolated components together, to build a real application.

  • Building Robots with PHP

  • Laravel: Idea to Product

    Got an idea for a product or service? Laravel is the perfect framework to get you up and running, fast! In this workshop, we'll take a simple product idea and build it into a live web app. We'll learn about how to set build PHP application logic, how to bolt on a Javascript front-end, how to deploy with Forge, and even how to manage domains and SSL certificates. By the end, you'll know everything you need to make your idea a reality.

  • Monads in PHP

    Many developers get lost in the hype of object-oriented design. They miss how expressive and succinct their code could be if they tried functional programming. Take Monads, for instance. Many developers have not even heard the name, much less have the ability to describe what Monads are and how they can be useful in every-day code. In this talk, we will gain a clear, simple understanding of what Monads are and how they can help us refactor our code to be clear and concise.

  • Cooperative Multitasking with Generators

    Have you ever used the yield keyword? It's the hidden-wardrobe-entrance into a magical world of generators. This magical world is inhabited by beings called iterators and coroutines. Roll some epic battle-music...

  • Transforming PHP

    I’m going to introduce you to a library that will allow you to use preprocessor macros, to turn your desired bit of syntax into valid PHP syntax. Then I’m going to show you a few libraries that use those macros to bring fresh and interesting new syntax to everyday PHP applications.