• Vacant Houses and Historic Preservation

    This is a working draft started in 2016.

  • Baltimore Heritage

  • Explore Baltimore Heritage 101: Writing about Historic Places

  • Baltimore's Civil Rights Heritage: Classroom Presentation

    This presentation was developed by Eli Pousson for Baltimore Heritage in November 2015 for presentation to ninth grade students in Baltimore City Public Schools. Please note: it is is currently incomplete!

  • Historic Tax Credits: A Homeowner's Guide

    A presentation for homeowners. See our guide for more information: http://baltimoreheritage.org/resources/historic-tax-credits/

  • Baltimore's Confederate Monuments

    Presentation to accompany this historic study: http://baltimoreheritage.github.io/baltimore-civil-rights-heritage/confederate-memory/

  • vacant-house-workshop

    A presentation developed in October 2015 for a workshop on vacant housing in Baltimore, Maryland.