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  • Import Linter Demo

    A lightning talk demoing Import Linter, a tool for imposing constraints on the imports in your python project.

  • Impulse Demo

    A lightning talk demoing Impulse, a command line tool for exploring Python imports within a project.

  • Lint your architecture

    Code bases have a nasty habit of becoming a complicated web of circular dependencies. To stop this happening, you need constraints on your project's structure. Meet Layer Linter, a tool to control the dependencies between modules in your Python project.

  • The Rocky River

  • Managing Database Concurrency With Django

    Two key concepts you can't afford to ignore

  • Signals

    When (and when not) to use them

  • Database Gotchas

    Two key concepts you can't afford to ignore

  • Check the System

    Using Django's system check framework

  • It's About Time

    Getting to Grips with Timezones in Django

  • Django London Meetup

  • A Touch of Class

    Getting the most out of Django's Class Based Views

  • Encapsulated Django

  • The Other True Way

    A case for Class Based Settings