• Rust Accelerated Pythons (PyCon Canada 2019)

    Sometimes you need to scale the performance of your Python code, or you need to hook into a C API. Wouldn't it be nice not having to do that in C or C++? This talk walks through how to accelerate Python code using binding written in Rust (a safe, fast systems level programming language).

  • Kount Faster - Final

  • Kount Faster

  • The Art of Writing Wargames in Python with Kivy

    Many of us got our start in programming, by building games and simple apps. However creating interesting games and UIs in Python was not a simple task especially for multiple platforms. Kivy, a cross-platform Python UI app framework changes all that. This talk discusses the journey of working with Kivy to develop a moderately complex strategy game. It also contrasts to using other platforms