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  • 10 Quick Tips for Effective Mobile Advertising

    In this Presentation , we’ll look at 10 tips for creating effective mobile ads so that you can get a revenue-driving campaign up in no time.

  • How to Secure Sponsorship? | Edan Gelt

    Edan Gelt: If you are acquiring an event or creating a new one, understand exactly who you are catering to and what opportunities exist to offer a sponsor. The process of finding a new event or venue sponsors can feel daunting until you know exactly what you are looking for and what you are able to offer in return, the process might seem overwhelming. Explore your event or opportunity from every angle.

  • Presentation or Content: What is more important? – Edan Gelt

    Edan Gelt: Most professionals believe that delivery is more vital than the content itself. This is because they know how a certain action or behavior might be interpreted by different people. Others assert that content is more important, implying that it’s what informs listeners the most. An entertaining presentation style may enthrall listeners but will achieve nothing if your content lacks concrete and valuable information. This only proves that content and delivery are both vital to a successful performance.

  • Delivering an Effective Presentation By Edan Gelt

    Edan Gelt: A strong presentation with interesting content, coupled with an enthusiastic delivery, will keep your audience engaged, ensure an effective delivery and make your moment memorable.

  • Move Toward to Gauge Your Fitness – Edan Gelt

    Edan Gelt: It might be hard to quantify your wellness level on the off chance that you wish to see how sound you are, or on the off chance that you are beginning another exercise regimen. Everybody's wellness level is distinctive, and are by and by in view of elements in a couple of various classifications including oxygen consuming wellness, strong wellness, adaptability, and body organization. Ever look for a way to gauge your fitness level besides how much weight you can lift.