• Mozilla

    Wie mache ich mit bei Mozilla?

  • Build Your Own WebExtension Add-on for Firefox

    Add-ons provide a safe, simple, and powerful way to personalize your browsing experience. With WebExtensions APIs, it’s easier than ever to create extensions that can be easily ported to Firefox, Chrome, Edge, and Opera. Through this activity you’ll help connect new developers with an opportunity to create add-ons to solve real problems and make their lives and the web better.

  • WebExtensions

    Firefox is drastically changing its extension system and replacing it with the Chrome-like WebExtensions. Chrome-like is an empty description for you? Perfect, Martin will explain what WebExtensions are, why you should care about them and what to do if you have an extension for Firefox that you will have to port over. For those already familiar with the Chrome extension API, the talk will point out the differences and nuances to check when porting.

  • Mozilla Day Switzerland 2015 Introduction

  • Getting Started Building Firefox

    How to set up your (Linux) computer for Firefox development. This includes a brief introduction to used tools (hg, mach etc.) and useful resources (dxr, mdn etc.).

  • Promises + Generators = ♥️

    Asynchronous JavaScript is changing a lot with the upcoming ES2015 (also known as ES6) standard. This talk introduces you to promises and the versatile generators. It also explains Iterables, which are the generic protocol implemented by generators are used throughout ES2015. When generators and promises are combined they result in awesome asynchronous code!