Getting Started Building Firefox

What do I need to know?

Install Deps

Linux & Mac

  • curl > && python
  • ./mach bootstrap
  • Depends on the package manager


  • Visual Studio 2013 or newer
  • Mozilla Build


Important Commands

  • ./mach build
  • ./mach run
  • ./mach test <module>


  • mozconfig
  • ac_add_option
  • mk_add_option

Useful autoconf flags

  • --disable-tests
  • --enable-application=browser
  • --enable-debug

External Tools



Some Folders

Folder Content
b2g Boot 2 Gecko Platform
browser Firefox Front-end
mobile Firefox for Android
toolkit Shared Components
netwerk Network Code


hg clone

Getting the latest Code

hg pull -u

Creating a Patch

hg qnew bug-fix.patch
hg qref

Standard Commit Message

Bug 123456 - Change this thing to work better by doing something. r=reviewers

Submitting the Patch

  • Assign yourself to the bug if you can
  • Ad the patch as a new attachment
  • Assign a reviewer


See Also

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