• Practical Functional Programming - An intro

    Introduction for how all programmers can benefit from a little functional programming (fp) in their daily work.

  • AngularJS - Advanced topics

    Continuation of my introductory AngularJS talks. --> Get the best from Services, Controllers, Directives. --> Module structure, file/directory structure. --> Sharing code with AngularJS, non-AngularJS projects. --> REST, Hypermedia (HATEOAS).

  • Introduction to AngularJS for web programmers

    An overview of what AngularJS is, where it fits compared to other frameworks, what it's like to work with. For programmers who have already developed MVC style apps.

  • Untangle your JavaScript with Browserify

    Browserify lets you write modules in the same well-structured way as with Node.js, in your browser.

  • Intro to Meteor

    Introduction to Meteor

  • What's special about AngularJS? (Lightning Talk)

    AngularJS has received massive response and been widely adopted. Why? And what makes it so special?

  • AngularJS, Practices for Large-scale Development of Web Apps

    Enabling you to structure an AngularJS web app for the long-term. Also useful tools which makes working with web apps, and especially AngularJS ones, more effective.

  • Component.js vs Bower

    Comparison between Component.js and Bower