• 6th MentorShip Meetup - Engineer Career Path 101

    什麼是軟體工程師?價值為何?未來在哪? 身為軟體工程師的我們,該如何發揮影響力?

  • Per-Iteration Loop Variable in Go

    Go is planned to change For Loop semantics in 1.22 (https://go.dev/blog/loopvar-preview), changing the scope of loop variables from per-loop to per-iteration. In this sharing, let’s talk about (1) the rationale behind this “breaking change” and (2) how it affects our systems and daily life.

  • Clean Architecture in Go: The Crescendo Way

    Share our experience in improving engineering teams’ productivity and happiness in Crescendo by introducing DDD (Domain-Driven Design) and Clean Architecture to Go projects.

  • Memory Management in High-Performance Go Applications: A Case Study of Pebble

    A case study of memory management mechanism in Pebble, a high-performance key-value storage engine written in Go.

  • The Escape Analysis in Go

    Introduce the escape analysis in Go (1.15) and its underlying working process.

  • HTTP/3 Leaks

    Introduce http/3 and QUIC.

  • Epoll: The Hero Behind One Million WebSocket Connections in Go

    Introduce the core methodology behind serving 1 million WebSocket connections in limited memory.

  • Distributed Systems: The Sidecar Pattern

    The sidecar pattern is a useful way to simplify the complexity of system design in microservices. In this talk, the author is going to introduce the sidecar pattern including its concept, benefits, and use cases. Besides, the author will show a few case study in Umbo CV, such as a caching service and a log collector.

  • Garbage Collection in GO

    Introduction to garbage collection in Go 1.11