• Protobufs and More

  • Javascript we sill gotta deal with in 2019

  • Audio in the Browser Protips

    Some little things I've learned recently working in the browser

  • Set Phasers to Javascript!!

    A 40 minute talk about Phaser 3 and Game design

  • Composing off the Map

    A talk given about composing with new tooling like web audio and web-based games

  • Phaser 3 Lightning Talk 6.19.2018

    A Short lightning talk on Phaser delivered at okc.js

  • Babylon JS Feb 20, 2018

    A Talk about babylonjs givent ot he okc.js user group on feb 20, 2018

  • One Million Cups Nov 8

    A short overview of the collab project for one million cups

  • 5 Neat React and Redux Things

    Just 5 things I wanna share with ya'll about the react and the redux

  • Graph QL and Apollo

    A Gentle Introduction to GraphQl concepts and the Apollo Library

  • Refresh Lighting Talk Gulp

    for refresh okc 10/26/2016

  • Programming-and-music

  • Tha New Javascript on da block

    This deck is like whaaaaat?

  • Upgrade your CSS Pipeline!

    PostCSS basics. understand the how and why of PostCSS: a tool for transforming styles with JS plugins. These plugins can lint your CSS, support variables and mixins, transpile future CSS syntax, inline images, and more.

  • Unfreeze Your Brain

  • Unbraiding Javascript

    Understand how to reduce unnecessary application complexity in Javascript, by implementing best practices and analysis. this talk has been delivered in Oklahoma city, Kanasas City, Rockford, Ill, and San Antonio

  • A lightning talk on Gulp.js

    A short lightning talk given at the OKC# group 5/4/2015

  • Phaser

    A Talk given to the Oklahoma City Javascript Usergroup March 2015

  • deck

  • Orchard CMS