Beef up your clientside dev-ops with the power of streams



So what is gulp?

Streaming build system built in javascript.

Power - Tool

and in my opinion....

Hey! ...Wait.

..we are a c# group!

..we have nuget!

..visual studio!


  • dude, just use both
  • the community requested this, and Microsoft obliged.
  • Your home-slice "Scotty 'Rocketpunch' H. likes it.
  • Your Frontend Coders will LOVE it. <3
  • its not 2006 anymore.
  • You need client devops.
  • *Need*

Scott just chillin

wearing a gulp shirt --->

Its easy to setup in your environment

Trust your boy, Scott...Get the full scoop here:

  1. TRX - Task RUnner Explorer
  2. NPM/NBower Package Intellisense
  3. Optional Grunt Launcher

Or you can just do what the rest of us do...

npm install -g gulp

Why Gulp?

  • Streams
  • Rich and High quality plugin ecosystem
  • Power of Npm
  • Modular, sharp-tools approch
  • Fast.
  • Envy of your friends


"We should have some ways of connecting programs like garden hose--screw in
another segment when it becomes necessary to massage data in
another way. This is the way of IO also."

Doug Mcllroy, 1964

  • IO is async
  • .pipe()
  • Streams are solid architectural foundation (earliers days of unix)
  • pluggable, modular, simple.


Read The FANTASTIC Manual!

Substack wrote this, and its good read even out of the context of gulp, honestly.

So what can I really do then?

What CAN'T You do!


This is how you get it done.

var gulp = require('gulp'),
    concat = require('gulp-concat'),
    minify = require('gulp-minify');

var scriptFiles = './src/**/*.js';

function build(){
    .pipe(concat({fileName: "funky-town.js"})

gulp.task('build', build);

A simple common scenario, a build.

1. Glob goes in

2. pipe, pipe,pipe,

3. ...files go out. can't explain that.

This is only the surface.

  • Automated tests and watches
  • Move files around
  • Do complexity analysis
  • use a common js tool like browserify or webpack
  • interact with git
  • use your imagination.

Gulp is simple.

Just remember "I got 5 on it"


5 Tasks

.task('name', taskFn)


.watch(glob, taskFn)



Iv'e written some about this, as well a slush, a scaffolding system built on Gulp.

Thanks Ya'll



A lightning talk on Gulp.js

By Jesse Harlin

A lightning talk on Gulp.js

A short lightning talk given at the OKC# group 5/4/2015

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