• Kubernetes for Developers

    Kubernetes is a great way to get more density and scalability out of hardware or cloud platforms. As a developer, what do you need to know when writing apps that will run on Kubernetes? We’ll cover service discovery, secrets, scaling, runtime configuration and more.

  • Faktory

  • Software Developer

  • Advanced Continuous Delivery Scenarios

  • Awesomify Your Dev Environment [Docker + Vagrant]

  • Hybrid vs Native: Choosing a Mobile Strategy

    In today’s mobile-first world almost every company has realized the need to connect with consumers on mobile devices. Now you, the developer, must figure out how to build it! Objective-C, Java, Xamarin, PhoneGap, Appcelerator, Icenium: there are so many ways to build a mobile app today, how do you choose? In this session I will cover the pros and cons of native app development and HTML5 hybrid app development to help you make the right choice based on the needs of YOUR app.

  • Crossplatform Mobile Apps with Phonegap