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  • Chinese Exclusion Act

    Sample of slides from an hour presentation at the Osher Lifelong Learning institute, U.C. San Diego, July 23, 2018 on the Chinese Exclusion Act and its lingering adverse effect on Chinese in America.

  • Introducing Yin & Yang Press Books in China

    China Narratives, an e-zine from Beijing, publicized Yin and Yang Press Books with this article by journalist Shuhua Dai who interviewed me about the and content and goals of my books.

  • Yin & Yang Press Goes East, 2013

  • Copy of Southern Fried Rice

    Scenes from a book talk by John Jung at the Rosemead, CA library, May 23, 2013. (Photographs by Ken Nagashima and Phyllis Jung)

  • New York and Boston 2013 Trip

  • Macon 1948

    All downtown streets of Macon taken by A professional photographer in 1948

  • Yin and Yang Press Book Talks

    Scenes from and comments about Yin and Yang Press book talks by John Jung

  •  A Visit to Sam Sing Laundry: Part 2 

  • Visit to Sam Sing Laundry

  • A Visit to Sam Sing Laundry

  • Yin and Yang Press Book Tour

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