Yin & Yang Press Goes East, 2013

Bed-Stuy Brownstone AirBnB

Fulton St. Fish Market

Bed Stuy True Taste Restaurant

Subway from Brooklyn to WTC

Manhattan Subway Station

World Trade Center

At Memorial Wall

Grand Central Station

Lunch at Yale Club

John & Bucky After 40 years

Chinatown / Little Italy

Eastern Med & Western Marketing

Manhattan Towers

NY Library Fifth Ave

Inside Beautiful 7th Ave Post Office

NY Knicks and "MSG"

Brooklyn Botanical Gardens

Japanese Pavilion

PJ at Pavilion

View from Pavilion

Pavilion View 

Pavilion View

JJ & Autumn Leaves

Cactus Garden

Botanical Garden Knit Sculptures

Lily Knit Sculpture

Knit Sculptures

PJ Admires Sculpture

PJ and Sculptures

Brooklyn Museum Entrance

4 Heads + 1

JJ Lunch with Statue Liberty behind

Statue Of Liberty Rear View

Setup Museum Lunch Event

Swimming at Wantaugh Mall

PJ & Psychic At Mall

Swan Lake, Wantaugh

Cousin Jerry and Arlene & Co.

With My Agent Jenn's Family

Dinner at Peking House

Grand niece Amy's Baby Shower

Manhattan Breakfast with Rosenbergs

333 E. 30th St. New York

Prof. Fred Levine & I After 50 Years

Yin & Yang Press Goes to NY

Yin & Yang Press & Empire State Building

Amtrak-ing from NY to Boston

Chinatown Arch, Boston

With Host Prof. Wing-Kai To

Chinatown Rain or Shine Hang-out  

Chinese Historical Society of New England

About Chinese Laundries

Part of Boston Audience


Book Table

Corky Lee, Tunney Lee, Wing-Kai To

Boston Signing

It Was A Lively Evening 

Chinese, What Else, Dinner

Former Student Dr. Angeles Cheung

Boston Mentee Kathy Wu

Bridgewater State University

Sweet and Sour

Bridgewater State Students

Bridgewater Audience

Multicultural Bridgewater Faculty

Bridgewater Faculty Dinner

Bridgewater State University

New York and Boston 2013 Trip

By Yin & Yang Press

New York and Boston 2013 Trip

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