• Influencing AI Governance

  • To what extent does Malaysia's N4IRP address AI security risks?

  • AI and Human Rights in SEA: Perspectives and Recommendations

    This talk was presented in a discussion session titled "Does AI Violate Human Rights?" organised by the Centre for Digital Society (CfDS), Indonesia.

  • AI Governance in Southeast Asia

  • Tech and Human Rights Discussion

  • Digital Rights: Updates on Malaysia's Situation

    These slides accompanied a five minute presentation as part of a Southeast Asia digital rights check-in for the Internet Freedom Festival. The session was held in June 2020.

  • The Impacts Of Artificial Intelligence On Human Rights: The Link With Data

    This talk discusses the potential use and harm of data surveillance in Southeast Asia from the economic, social and cultural rights as well as civil and political rights points of view. How do artificial intelligence applications impact human rights and what is the connection to the use (and misuse) of big data? In Southeast Asia are we more concerned about issues of data privacy, or exclusion and lack of access? This presentation addresses these questions and explores some current AI applications and governmental policies in the region.

  • Digital Rights in the Time of Covid-19