Tech and Human Rights

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Dr. Jun-E Tan

Paradigm Digital (1) Digital (2)
Developmental (1)
Developmental (2)
Sphere Conventional rights in digital spaces Data-centred rights Access to the digital Governance of the digital
Description of sphere Rights of individuals in digital spaces / on the Internet Digital data that represent physical entities Access to digital spaces and meaningful participation Digital and Internet governance
Examples of rights ✅ Rights to freedom of expression, association and assembly online
✅ Right to consumer protection
✅ Right to seek joy and pleasure
✅ Right to exist free from violence, hateful speech, and harassment
✅ Right to not be discriminated
✅ Right to have informed consent on participation
✅ Right to data privacy
✅ Right to freedom from digital surveillance
✅ Right to data ownership and control
✅ Right to data security and protection
✅ Right to access state and other services online
✅ Right to access the Internet
✅ Right to access information and content
✅ Right to access hardware/software
✅ Right to participate in digital governance processes or be consulted on Internet policy issues

A Framework for Digital Rights

4 Waves of AI Development

  • Internet AI
  • Business AI
  • Perception AI
  • Autonomous AI

Lee (2018)

Newman (2019)

Type 1: the risks or opportunity costs of not implementing AI, missing out on potential benefits

Type 2: the risks of unintended consequences or unsafe outcomes of AI

Type 3: the risks of AI being used for malicious purposes


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Tech and Human Rights Discussion

By Jun-E Tan

Tech and Human Rights Discussion

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