• Introduction to the GraphQL API for WordPress

    The GraphQL API for WordPress is a brand-new plugin to access the WordPress site data using GraphQL, designed for security, speed and ease of use.

  • Intro to “GraphQL by PoP”, a new GraphQL server in PHP

    “GraphQL by PoP” is a brand-new GraphQL server in PHP, CMS-agnostic (adapters currently implemented for WordPress), which implements the GraphQL spec and expands it with several additional features

  • “Create Once, Publish Everywhere” with WordPress

    Presentation for WordCamp Singapore 2019 and Kuala Lumpur 2019

  • Implications of Thinking in Blocks instead of Blobs

    Presentation for WordPress Singapore Meetup, June 2019

  • Introduction to the Component-based API

    Presentation for JSConf Asia 2019