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  • Unconventional Autoloaders

    We use autoloaders in PHP all the time, but if you change your mindset a little, you’ll find they can do a lot more than you might’ve thought. We’ll be taking a look at using some unconventional techniques, we can use autoloaders to take PHP a step further, introducing interesting and exciting new functionality PHP natively doesn’t support.

  • ⚡️ Avoiding the pain of localisation

    Localisation is a very broad subject with many facets, but before you start localising a project, there are a handful of important fundamental things you ought to be aware of.

  • Unconventional PHP

    You might think you know PHP, but if you dig below the surface you might find it can do more than you knew. Beyond the documented features, there lies a world of tricks, hacks and other techniques that can allow PHP to go a step further. In this talk we'll look outside the box at some things PHP provides like references, autoloading and magic methods and explore how using them in an unconventional way can benefit our own code.