• Rethinking Rest Practices with GraphQL

    Code demos discussed are here..https://github.com/mwarger/graphql-typescript-react-demo

  • Rock-Solid Components with TypeScript and GraphQL

    This presentation covers advantages and tools related to using TypeScript and GraphQL to create awesome applications. Demo code is available at https://github.com/mwarger/graphql-typescript-react-demo.

  • Rise of the State Machines

    Come with me if you want to live... without confusing state management! State machines enforce a simple set of rules for your application state - a single state is allowed at any given time and only certain transitions can be made between states. These explicit rules lead to more predictable code and fewer bugs. In this talk, we'll discover what state machines are and learn how they can be incorporated into modern applications. We'll also see how using state machines can help communicate meaning and encode business logic across teams (and beyond just developers). You'll leave with an understanding of how to effectively create and use state machines for your own applications while keeping the business logic clean and declarative. Terminate complexity with state machines! 👍