• Let's Build a Portfolio

    Puppies and Portfolios: Let's Build a Portfolio with Gatsby + Netlify + NetlifyCMS

  • Puppies and Portfolios explores the JAMstack

  • Portfolios?

    Answer some basic questions about Portfolio websites. Who needs one? What is a portfolio site? What should you include? When should you start building a portfolio? Where can I get ideas and inspiration? Why should you maintain your site when you aren't actively job hunting? Why should you even have a portfolio site?

  • a crash course in getting started with CSS Animation

  • Animating your Portfolio to Awesome with GSAP

  • Level Up Your CSS

    Using Firefox devtools to make working with CSS less painful

  • Dig in on Grid

    Wordcamp Portland on November 3rd.

  • I Get By With A Little Help From My Community

    Presented at PDX Jr Developer meetup on September 19, 2018. This talk focuses on my own journey into the tech community and my growth into a social person. It provides stories to try to encourage others to get more social.

  • Overcoming Fear of the Command Line with Rainbows and Dragons

    A quick lightning talk written at Write Speak Code in August of 2017. This talk addresses the intense fear and struggles I suffered when I first started learning how to use the command line as a developer and some fun tips and tricks to make it less scary.