• Dare to Deploy Anytime

  • How (Not) to Measure Quality

    Measuring quality is hard, defining what quality is is difficult, being aware of why you measure is fundamentally important. Learn how to choose and combine metrics to create something valuable.

  • Writing Tests Like Shakespeare – Keep your automated tests readable with the Screenplay pattern

    The screenplay pattern can help you to write complex test code (especially but not only for UIs) in a readable, maintainable and strictly user-centric way using any given language and framework.

  • Meet Your Cognitive Biases

  • Accelerate Workshop

    Workshop on the book "Accelerate" → https://itrevolution.com/book/accelerate/ (work in progress while I read it)

  • Testing Microservice Ecosystems

  • Vom Monolithen zum Microservice-Ökosystem – ein Erfahrungsbericht

  • Spock Testing Workshop

  • Team-Driven Microservice Quality Assurance

  • From Monolith Testing to Microservice Quality Assurance

  • Let's Explore Exploratory Testing

    An hands-on exploratory testing workshop for development teams. Based on "Explore It!" by Elisabeth Hendrickson