• Writing Tests Like Shakespeare – Keep your automated tests readable with the Screenplay pattern

    The screenplay pattern can help you to write complex test code (especially but not only for UIs) in a readable, maintainable and strictly user-centric way using any given language and framework.

  • Meet Your Cognitive Biases

  • Screenplay Design Pattern

  • Accelerate Workshop

    Workshop on the book "Accelerate" → https://itrevolution.com/book/accelerate/ (work in progress while I read it)

  • Testing Microservice Ecosystems

  • Vom Monolithen zum Microservice-Ökosystem – ein Erfahrungsbericht

  • Spock Testing Workshop

  • How to Build a Test Library for a Microservices-Based Web Application with Geb & Spock

  • Team-Driven Microservice Quality Assurance

  • From Monolith Testing to Microservice Quality Assurance

  • Let's Explore Exploratory Testing

    An hands-on exploratory testing workshop for development teams. Based on "Explore It!" by Elisabeth Hendrickson