• Joy to the Web

  • Parsing all the

  • GSCC2019 State Machines for Programmer-less UIs

  • State Machines for Programmer-less UIs

  • (history of) FORTH, JOY, CAT AND other CP

    Time to try out programming in a stack based, 'concatenative' language. Sounds more complex than it is, because these languages are simple to learn and do not sacrifice expressiveness or power. Within minutes you will understand how these languages work and how this very different style of programming enables code to be simple, consistent and performant.

  • deck

  • deck

  • Git Acrobatics for beginners

    Git is for teams of creators. Working with teams is difficult, but if we all adhere to the same etiquette, we will all get along famously. This is when Git really shines as a great collaboration tool. GitFlow is one option for providing manors and structure to Git. Each branch is given a purpose and processes on those branches are standardized. GitFlow is great to use, but we will look at defining your own rules of etiquette and the git commands that make it all work. Sometimes it feels like you are on the high-wire of software source control, but with some structure, basic Git skills and exercises, you will gain the confidence to handle Git with balance and composure.

  • An Unexpected Journey

    Presented at Boston Node.JS meetup. Jan 2013

  • There's a State Machine in my UI Controller

    Presented at Boston Code Camp 26. Nov 2016

  • Dynamic forms in AngularJS

    Presented at Boston AngularJS Meetup. Nov 2014

  • Cycle.js FRP

    Jun 2017