• Continuous Integration Injection to Code Base

    Talk at 1MG. Problem: Unnecessary and non-standardized code changes make their way to production due to many factors. Currently, we are solely dependant on the reviewer to ensure the code quality, which is a very inefficient process. A code reviewer may miss a lot of checks and unstandardized practices crawl into the existing codebase. Solution: By using Jenkins as CI Server an automated process is built to verify that the code quality is ensured and not compromised at the hands of the reviewer. Benefits: A step towards seamless continuous integration and error detection. This can reduce production issues and enforce industry level coding standards. This can be extended further towards an automated deployment. Short term benefits: Bit by bit code improvement by individual developers, leading to the progressive implementation of coding guidelines. Less prone to huge blunders such as more than 10,000 lines of code deletions. Long term benefits: Cultivating a habit of following standard guidelines will improve areas like replacing console errors with sentry/raven logging system-wide. Code stability and improvements as a whole and following on common standard across all teams.

  • Creating Contextual App Experiences

    User context and their interactions with the nearby world play a vital role in creating a magnificent user experience. Instant awareness of the nearby surroundings can be an amazing way to understand the users and their behaviors. The emerging new technologies like Google's Awareness and Nearby APIs, Beacons, NFC cards and WiFi signals have opened up a sea of possibilities for developing magical user experiences. This talk will encompass the importance of user context, Eddystone beacons, Google's Nearby and Awareness APIs; and examples of some of the experiences you can build with them. It will also cover ways to understand user behavior and customisation based on user actions eventually resulting in user retention.

  • NPM install and chill

  • PyBeacon: Eddystone Protocol implementation in Python

    PyBeacon is an Eddystone implementation in Python for Linux systems. Using this, Linux systems can be used as a beacon or a beacon scanner. https://xprss.org/pycon2017

  • The Iota of IoT

    Introduction to Internet of things, raspberry pi and beacons