• But you don't look autistic

  • Move over TypeScript, here comes TypedCSS!

    WWC March 2021, Hover April 2021

  • Houdini, behind the CSS: Lightning Edition

    DDD November 2020

  • What you didn't want to know about Print CSS

    Blake eLearning Jun2020

  • Houdini, behind the CSS

    GIDS October 2020

  • Things you can do with CSS that used to need JS

    SydCSS October 2019

  • Things you can do with CSS that used to need JS

    MelbCSS September 2019, WebDirections Summit October 2019

  • Full Stack Accessibility

    AWS Community Day August 2019

  • The 5 W's of Accessibility

    DDD Melbourne September 2018

  • SVG Graphs

    Making your own graphs rather than using a library

  • DIY Grids

    Building your own layout rather than using a framework

  • Presenting SVG Graphs

    Generating SVG graphs using Ruby Presenters

  • The five W's of Accessibility

    reinteractive webinar Nov 2017

  • Naming things is hard

    reinteractive front end naming conventions

  • Mouse and Maps

    Detailed look into how and why I made MouseGuard maps. A website app for tracking a role playing game

  • Pop-Up Accessibility

    Looking into the complications of making a modal or pop-up accessible for people with disabilities

  • Looking into the JAWS of Accessibility

    A brief look into the people who use screen reader technology such as JAWS. As well as some insight on how it is used and some tips on what you can do as a web developer to make it easier.

  • Accessibility, more than just alt tags

    Design tips to ensure your web site or application is accessible to people with disabilities