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    O projeto tem como objetivo construir uma plataforma web aberta de aprendizado de matemática por meio da construção de narrativas. O desafio central é perceber que a matemática é uma pratica cultural feita com e pela língua.

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    The project aims to build an open web platform for learning math through the construction of narratives. The central challenge is to realize that mathematics is a cultural practice done with and by language. The current stage of the project is to create an online platform so that it is possible to try learning models that unify the teaching of Portuguese and mathematics from a practice of narrative construction. There are still many points to be researched, among them, the code to implement the platform. People can collaborate with code. An initial idea is to use graphic libraries (SVG, D3) to produce a version that includes transformations of the problems in accordance with the desired narrative. In an ideal scenario, the project provides a place where you can enter numeric operations and construct narratives to understand how to solve the problem. Or vice versa, you have a problem and can decompose the statement into parts to perform the numerical operations. The major vision of the project is to contribute to Brazilian education, but more ambitiously for the way one looks at words and numbers in general.