• Requirements for your next WordPress project

  • Gutenberg

  • Enhanced Configurations to improve maintainability in WordPress

    Once a website goes live there are many things that can go wrong; from the time of discoverability, issues might take a considerable amount of time to fix. We can put measures (additional configurations) in place to effectively prevent or easily detect and fix these issues without deploying code.

  • Improving the UX of Search in WP

    WordPress North East - 15th January / WordCamp Birmingham February 6th

  • 10 Micro Improvments to WordPress

    Lightning Talk - WordPress North East, October 2014

  • WordPress Performance

    Coming soon...

  • Caching with WordPress

    Coming soon...

  • WordPress Security

    WordPress North East - 20th May 2014

  • Custom Post Types, Taxonomies or Meta?

    WordPress North East - 20th March 2014

  • WordPress 3.6 and beyond

    A look at features for users & developers in WP 3.6 and a look forward to 3.7, 3.8 and MP6

  • Optimising Images in WordPress

    There are various techniques you can use to optimise images in WordPress so images are loaded appropriately and quickly.