• Code Simplicity

    The Universal Laws of Software adapted from the book by Max Kanat-Alexander

  • JavaScript: From Zero To Dangerous

    How to get up and running with code in the browser. And where to go after that.

  • Keeb Talk

  • Testing: #2 Pencils Not Required

    I'll explain the benefits of automated testing for your front-end code, cover some best practices and helpful tips, and show a demo or three to get you started.

  • Intro to Basics of Javascript Fundamentals 101

    Presentation at MU Tech on February 27, 2017

  • How To Fly A Spaceship

    An Introduction to the Functional Paradigm

  • Atomic Design

    An overview of Brad Frost's philosophy on designing systems of components as opposed to a collection of pages.

  • Exploring Front-End Frameworks: Part 2

    A lightning talk comparing EmberJS and MeteorJS

  • Intro to Front-End Build Tools

    An overview of build tools, task runners, and package managers.

  • History of Language Standardization

    Or, Why You Should Stop Being a Snoot

  • Intro to CSS Preprocessors

    What are they and why should you care?