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  • Losant Workshop

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  • DevFest Nashville Workshop

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  • Distributed Docker Volume Fun

  • Next level Node.js with ES6 and Modulus

  • Using Docker for Node.js Testing and Deployment

    The technical community faces many challenges everyday. One of these challenges is the ability of managing, moving, and duplication of environments. We develop in different environments than our applications actually run and node.js and node modules can behave differently across operation systems. With all the different tools available, Docker can provide a duplicatable environment for testing our node.js Applications. Join me in this session to learn more about how Docker will abstract the differences across environments creating a more reliable staging while also laying the foundation for production deployments.

  • Build, Deploy, and Scale your Mobile Backend with Node.js and Modulus

  • Wearable Javascript in the Cloud

  • Pebble Health

    Presentation for my Senior Seminar at Xavier University

  • Pebble Health

    Presentation for my Senior Seminar at Xavier University