Taron Foxworth

IoT, Web, and Hardware

Class 10


Smart Teeth

purified water, artificial saliva, 50 percent alcohol and wood alcoho



Next Class Goal


Class Goal

More than just a feeling: A class about sensors

How was last class?

Quiz two

Due 4/10

April 17


Milestones ( follow up next class )

Due April 23

Work with me

Approval for hardware

More than a feeling

How does it work (physically, could be multiple)?

What hardware does it support? i.e. How can I read/connect to it.

Use Cases

GPIO or Analog?

Products that use it

Types of sensors

  • Distance
  • Sound ( voice included)
  • Pressure ( environmental )
  • Orientation
  • Motion
  • Touch
  • Moisture
  • Heartrate

Other cool things

Copy of Copy of Internet of Things - Class 7

By Taron Foxworth

Copy of Copy of Internet of Things - Class 7

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