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Class 6

Voice assistants will augment, not replace, the human workforce

Gartner predicted that by 2020, users will complete 30 percent of web browsing sessions without a screen.

Sigfox IoT Network Targets 6 Million Device Connections This Year

The company expanded its network to 45 countries and its network of connected devices grew 65% to 3 million, according to a presentation of its 2017 results and a 2018 roadmap. The Sigfox network now reaches 800 million people worldwide.

Will Consumers Develop Romantic Relationships With Their Virtual Assistants?

“People are engaging with their voice-activated speakers as if they were human,” Google said. “They’re saying ‘please,’ ‘thank you,’ and even ‘sorry.’ People perceive the devices as more than just an electronic toy; they’re more akin to another person or a friend.”

Real world 4G LTE vs. 5G test benchmark: 14x bandwidth

The 4G maintained a stable 50 MBit/s

The 5G connection yielded significantly higher bandwidth. It constantly stayed above 700 MBit/s.

Project Proposals

Where you can start?





MQTT Broker



Web Frameworks?

Digital Ocean



Class Goal

Speak to the Internet



Does any one own an Alexa?



Nothing is magic

What's Actually Inside

What's Actually Inside

What's Actually Inside


Building your own version of Alexa and skill

Alexa Skill

Creating A skill


To the whiteboard!

Sorry, no diagram. They all sucked

Invocation Name

Alexa, ask [invocation name] [utterance].
Alexa, ask [the office] [about the plants].

Intents, Slots, and Utterances

OfficePlantsIntent about the plants
OfficePlantsIntent about {PlantName}

"Alexa, ask the office about the plants"

Intents, Slots, and Utterances

Intents, Slots, and Utterances

  "intents": [
      "intent" : "OfficePlantsIntent",
      "slots" : [
          "name" : "PlantName",
          "type" : "LIST_OF_PLANTS"

My new skill

Creating your own skill Part 1

Alexa, ask my kit to turn on the light?


Creating your own skill Part 2

Alexa, ask my kit the temperature?


Creating your own skill Part 2.5

Building your own web service.


Copy of Internet of Things - Class 5

By Taron Foxworth

Copy of Internet of Things - Class 5

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