• Building Native Apps with CSS (and Javascript)

    Slides supporting my talk at SydCSS on the 3rd of November 2016 React Native expands web developers reach via enabling them to develop Native Apps on iOS, Android and Universal Windows. CSS plays a key role in this expansion. This talk aims at showing how you, CSS masters, may re-use your knowledge to takle new grounds developing mobile apps. https://www.meetup.com/SydCSS/events/234750970/

  • Going Full Circle with React Native Web

    React Native provides the foundation to build Apps: a set of API and React Component ready to use. React Native Web allows one to use the same utilities to build Web Apps, and effectively go toward a share code base across all platforms. http://www.meetup.com/React-Native-Sydney/events/231326406/

  • Optimistic UI

    Expectations in term of responsiveness are so high that we've introduced a new full stack architecture. The business logic stored in the Front-End allows to take action without waiting for the request roundtrip...

  • Front-end Dev 101

    An introduction to web development, containing a high level presentation on the technology involved and a focus on HTML and CSS.

  • {Intro to Javascript}

    Introduction to programming, using javascript as our language. Every thing is run into the browser console. We then start plugin javascript to our HTML and CSS.

  • Fruited introduction to Array

    This slides present the array type in Javascript, and what methods we can apply on them. It is recommended to be familiar with the other javascript types, and have access to the Chrome console to test the given code.