• Jamstack eCommerce 101 Workshop

    Digital commerce has changed, and there is an increasing demand for faster and kite efficient solutions. In this workshop, you'll learn about the evolution of ecommerce and how Jamstack and headless commerce evolves shopping experiences on the web. We will explore the basics of headless commerce by building a minimal Jamstack ecommerce product page with static content, HTML5, CSS, and Javascript. Finally, we will integrate Commerce Layer for headless commerce capabilities and deploy our application to Netlify.

  • Headless Commerce done right, with Commerce Layer

    In this talk, Bolaji will introduce you to the challenges with traditional commerce, how headless commerce solves those challenges, and how Commerce Layer supercharges your digital experiences.

  • Beyond The Editor: Automating Your Writing Process

    In this talk, Bolaji will introduce the audience to technical writing and how to go beyond just "writing" to automating their writing processes resulting in more efficiency.

  • Optimizing Content Management with the Headless CMS

    In this talk, Bolaji will show you how content management can be optimized using the headless CMS to ensure the reusability of content across several digital platforms (web, mobile, smartwatches, VR headsets or home assistants).

  • The Growth Mindset, Dealing with Intelligence, Imposter Syndrome and Personal Growth

    In this talk, I would go over the concepts of the growth mindset and the fixed, the differences between both advantages of the growth mindset, how to effectively build a growth mindset, and why it is important as a developer towards achieving personal growth.

  • Harnessing the power of the JAMstack with a Headless CMS

    Unlike traditional websites that rely heavily on servers, plugins and databases, JAMstack can load JavaScript that receives data from an API and generates markup using a static site generator during deploy time. In this talk, Bolaji will show you how content management can be made easier across all platforms with a Headless CMS.

  • Effective Documentation: The Key to Open Source Growth

    In this talk, Bolaji will introduce you to unique documentation strategies that will enable you to create good, timely, useful, accurate and sustainable documentation alongside explaining the benefits of these strategies, and how you can build a documentation community around your contributors.

  • Introduction to Open Source

    Open Source refers to any software or program whose source code is made available for use or modification as users or other developers see fit. Contributing to open source is very exciting; it can be a rewarding way to learn, teach, and build experience in just about any skill you can imagine. In this talk, Bolaji will show you what open source means, the benefits, how to get started as a maintainer or contributor, how to build a community around your project, and best practices for maintainers and contributors.

  • Version Control with Git and GitHub

    Introduction to version control, version control systems, Git and GitHub plus practical usage, code, tips, and resources.