• Debugging with JS Frameworks

    Developers spend half their time debugging, but often don't have an effective process or understanding of debugging tools. JS frameworks like React, Angular, and Vue add to the complexity of debugging. This talk will break down an approach for JS Framework debugging, including how to use tools effectively to identify common patterns of bugs. Regardless of what framework you use or your level of debugging experience, this talk will help you debug more confidently.

  • No-Code OSS Contributions

  • Time Travel Debugging JavaScript Applications

    Strange Loop 2022

  • Painless Debugging

    Developers spend up to half their time debugging code, but often struggle to find an effective and efficient debugging process. With the right approach, debugging can actually be a fun learning experience that sheds light on underlying issues and areas of improvement in your codebase. This talk will break down debugging as a process, including defining a bug, approaching the problem, how to use tools and collaboration effectively, and evaluating systemic reasons bugs happen. We'll also walk through some common types of bugs that occur in JavaScript applications to frame how you approach future issues.

  • Debugging Apps with JS Frameworks

  • debugging-vue-applications

  • Debugging React Applications Workshop

  • Debugging Angular Apps

  • Time: The Next Dimension of React Debugging

  • Debugging React Applications

    Developers spend up to half their time debugging code, but often struggle to find an effective and efficient debugging process. While frameworks like React make the development process easier, they can add complexity when issues arise. This talk will provide an approach to debugging React applications. We’ll review debugging approaches, using tools effectively, and React-specific bugs related to component rendering, state management, and more.

  • Debugging JavaScript Apps in CI/CD

  • Debug your Debugging Process

    Investigating and fixing bugs in your application can feel like a frustrating and daunting process. With the right approach, debugging can actually help you better understand you codebase and be more confident to fix bugs fast.

  • WWC Resume Re:View Feb 4, 2022

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  • Network Requests with Cypress

    Whether you’re testing your UI or API, Cypress gives you all the tools needed to work with and manage network requests. This intermediate-level talk demonstrates how to use the cy.request and cy.intercept commands to execute, spy on, and stub network requests while testing your application in the browser. Learn how the commands work as well as use cases for each, including best practices for testing and mocking your network requests.

  • Flaky Test Management with Cypress Workshop TestJS Summit

    This workshop is for Cypress users who want to step up their game against flake in their test suites. Leveraging the Cypress Real World App, we’ll cover the most common causes of flake, code through some examples of how to make tests more flake resistant, and review best practices for detecting and mitigating flake to increase confidence and reliability. (Video requires conference subscription, slides public)

  • Testing Angular Apps with Cypress - WWC San Diego

    Learn about testing your Angular apps with the free, open-source Cypress framework. This talk will cover some of the considerations when migrating from Protractor to Cypress, testing NgRx, and things to keep in mind for testing Angular specifically.

  • Stepping Up Your GitHub Game

    Presentation for Women Who Code Front End. If you've used GitHub for learning and personal projects, you're probably familiar with concepts like forking, creating branches, and pull requests. In this webinar, learn how to utilize more GitHub features the same way production teams do! We'll be evaluating major OSS repositories to better understand GitHub issues, releases, and automations to step up your GitHub game. Video recording unavailable.

  • Effective Testing Approaches for your Application

    Unit, component, integration, end-to-end-- there are many types of testing you can use when developing and releasing an application. You may have also heard of the testing pyramid, trophy, and even crab, which all demonstrate approaches for prioritizing test types. In this talk, we'll define the different types of testing and cover their use cases, as well as provide some guidelines for deciding which approach to use for your application. From Refactr.TECH 2021.

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